Elite Developer & Team

Developer & team who are veterans in mainstream crypto, also elites who are passionate.

100/100 TokenSniffer Audited

Smart contract was designed such way that nobody in the world can edit variables.

Real Utilities and Use Case

RedNetwork will launch its powerful feature and blockchain shortly after the token listing.

About RedNetwork

The First and Best New Web3 Network

Based and passionate team in mainstream crypto. With our years of experience in Web3. Dev is launching the best work we ever done.

1st Quarter 2023

Launch in Uniswap, Utility and Testnet Live.

2nd Quarter 2023

Expand the growth until CEX listing, CMC, CG and Mainnet Live.

1 Billion

Initial Supply


$RN Buy Tax


$RN Sell Tax


Max Wallet

Key Features

Top in Blockchain

Fast and Reliable

By using POS instead of POW, RedNetwork is working effectively and efficiently in Web3.


Powered by strong framework, update is easy and stable.


2023 launched Network, trending design and latest technology.

Cheap Yet Powerful

Low gas fee inspired by Polygon, strong as Ethereum.

Suitable for Veteran & Beginner

RedNetwork's innovation is suitable for both veteran or new player in Web3.

For Business and Entertainment

You can use RedNetwork's services for entertainment, business or even meme.

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Suitable For

If you are looking for gain and trading, RedNetwork is a good choice for you. Low tax and launched in Ethereum's Uniswap, easy to trade with high potential.
RedNetwork's utility is suitable for Web3 developer. From businesses, entertainment and meme are welcome in RedNetwork.